Eiga News: Sumiko Haneda Screenings at the National Film Center


Through August 28th, the National Film Center in Kyobashi will be screening the documentaries of Sumiko Haneda, who is still active at age 90 and has been working in the film industry as an editor or director since the 1950s.

Born in Dalian, China in 1926, Haneda joined Iwanami Film Works in 1950 and directed her first film, Women’s College in the Village (Mura no fujin gakkyu) in 1957. She is especially known for documenting the lives of the elderly in films such as 1986’s How to Care for the Senile (Chihosei rojin no sekai) and Kabuki Actor Nizaemon (Kabuki-yakusha Kataoka Nizaemon, 1994).

Screenings are happening twice a day, Tuesday through Sunday, from now until August 28th. Tickets are 520 yen for a single screening (310 yen for university students and seniors, 100 yen for people with disabilities. More information can be found here.

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